2019 Ford C-Max Energi Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

2019 Ford C-Max Energi Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price – The objective of this informative article is to upgrade you about the new 2019 Ford C-Max and offer you with every piece of information regarding this unbelievable new technology hybrid car. In this article, we take you the up to date reviews and extra details about the car on the market.

2019 Ford C Max Energi news 2019 Ford C Max Energi Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

2019 Ford C-Max Energi

The new 2019 Ford C-Max is for sale in three various variations Hybrid SE, Hybrid SEL and 2019 Ford C-Max Energi. 2019 Ford C-Max is an incredible class of compact MPV, with vibrant type, productive performance with a lot more luxury. It is a contemporary MUV with some other innovations in the design in comparison with the prior models of Ford C-Max. The change of 2019 Ford C-max is much more classy and excellent. It is released with the new Atkinson-pattern I-4 petrol engine motivated by having a digitally operated continually variable transmission system as well as a productive regenerative braking system generating the car mechanically more potent.

2019 Ford C-Max Energi Specs

2019 Ford C-Max has miles of 42 Mpg in city and 37 Mpg in the highway. The reservoir gas volume capacity is 13.5 gallons for C-Max Hybrid and 14 gallons for C-Max Energi. The new 2018 Ford C-Max incorporates a wheelbase of 104.3inches. Its length and elevation are 173.6in and 63.9 ” correspondingly. C-Max Hybrid has a base curb weight of 3607 pounds as well as for 2019 Ford C-Max Energi the Base curb weight is a bit greater with 3859 pounds. They have a front side monitor width of 60.5in and again keep track of width of 60.4 “. 2019 Ford C-Max is a top wheel drive system and achieving the greatest seating capacity of five. 2019 Ford C-Max is provided with common 17 in. alloy rims created of Lightweight aluminum. It offers gasoline pressurized top and rear jolt. The 2018 Ford C-Max has a top speed of 115mph for the hybrid model and whilst 102 miles per hour for the WordPress tool hybrid model. Top speed for the electric method is 85mph The new 2019 Ford C-Max has a velocity of 0-60 miles per hour inside 7.19 sec. It offers a superior velocity in its class when compared with other rivals in the market.

2019 Ford C Max Energi release date 2019 Ford C Max Energi Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

2019 Ford C-Max Energi

2019 Ford C-Max Energi Engine

The wonderful 2019 Ford C-Max is a blend of the 2.0L Atkinson-Pattern I-4 Hybrid engine along with an 88 KW long-term magnet AC Synchronous motor reinforced with 1.5KWh lithium-ion electric battery. While the 2019 Ford C-Max Energi has increased operated 7.6KWh Lithium-ion battery pack. The horsepower produced by this combo is engine is 188 HP along with an equivalent torque of 247lb-feet. torque. This engine includes automatic Electronic constantly variable transmission system.

They have a unique control device lifter system employing Primary operating mechanized Pail (DAMB) with sequential multiport Electronic energy injections system. Recharging time for the C-Max electric engine is about 7hrs for 120V source and 2.5hrs for 240V provide. The equivalent mpg for the electric engine is 95 MPGe in city restrictions, 81 MPG in the highway. The engine design is revised to diminish the carbon dioxide emission with the rising in gasoline performance.

2019 Ford C-Max Energi Exterior and Interior

The 2019 Ford C-Max is provided by two new color kinds for all those the models, they are dark brown-grey Caribou painting and Red-Dash. It provides a vibrant exterior design with measurement very best matching for the control of the car at top rates. It provides a roomy interior with a greatest lower body space of 43.1in. In the entrance area and 36.5in. In the rear. The boost in the lower-leg place with new design offers much better comfort. Decorations are manufactured eye-catching with the releasing the new Speech order system SYNC 2.

It may help the driver to control the interior temp and offer to alleviate of convenience to the GPS system. It arrives with the regular feature of Double-Area Electronic Automatic Heat Control System, Rear Seat Warmth Channels, Mug cases (2 Entrance, 2 2nd Row) lit up glove container, after that era Smartgauge with EcoGuide. It provides an Audio system which includes AM/FM/Compact disk/Audio Audio, 6 loudspeakers, Audio feedback jack, and USB assist. The natural leather cut container seat gives a great comfort for the driver and the passengers alongside.

2019 Ford C Max Energi design 2019 Ford C Max Energi Colors, Release Date, Redesign, Price

2019 Ford C-Max Energi news

2019 Ford C-Max Energi Safety Features

The 2019 Ford C-Max has AdvanceTrac with (RSC) Roll Stability Control, which is a computerized technology of finding and decreasing the reduction of traction or skidding. The common model comes along with safety bags to guard the driver and smart entrance passenger sensing system is offered for sensing if the top passenger is current or perhaps not.

There is an emergency braking system put in with the regular edition of 2019 Ford C-Max which sensory faculties the emergency circumstance on the foundation of speed and strain applied to the braking systems by the driver, as it registers the emergency circumstances and boosts the break stress instantly right up until the Antilock braking system will take in control and halts the wheel sealing up.

2019 Ford C-Max Energi Release Date and Price

The 2019 Ford C-Max was published in the United States market with a commencing price of a whopping $24,170 for the C-Max Hybrid SE, C-Max Hybrid SEL is accessible for $27,170 and 2019 Ford C-Max Energi is designed for $31,770. The 2019-Ford C-Max is previously for sale in the United States market. It absolutely was introduced on the calendar month of Jan 2019. Shock your loved ones with this particular car to make that very long upcountry journey you have generally dreamt of.

2019 Ford C-Max Energi Colors

  • Blue Metal
  • Very hot Pepper Red Colored Clearcoat
  • Ingot Silver Metal
  • Magnet Metal
  • Oxford Bright white
  • Shadow Black colored
  • White Precious metal Metal
  • White Platinum Metallic Tri-Coat

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